At the 2015 Chisholm Challenge, RIDE TV and F2 Media filmed all three days.  The documentary has been submitted to film festivals all over the country now!  Follow the progress of it here:

Come See Mustang Maddy at Chisholm Challenge 2017!   She will perform with her amazing mustangs on Tuesday, January 10th at 1pm!  

2017 Chisholm Challenge Show Schedule 

Monday, January 9, 2017

 (Lunch Break                           Announced mid morning)

 7:00am                                      Horse Check in

                                                  Horse: Coggins/Health Certificate at entry gate

                                                  AQHA/NSBA day of event registration due


8:00am                                        Warmup arena open for AQHA/NSBA classes only (EMT on site)

10:00am                                        AQHA/NSBAClasses– Main Arena

                                                       Showmanship (Level 1, 3)

                                                       Western Pleasure                                     Walk/Jog Supported  

                                                       Western Horsemanship                             Walk/Jog Supported

                                                        Western Pleasure                                    Walk/Jog Independent

                                                         Western Horsemanship                           Walk/Jog Independent

                                                         Reining                                                    Walk/Jog/ and Walk/Jog/Lope

                                                         Western Pleasure                                      Walk/Jog/Lope

                                                          Western Horsemanship                            Walk/Jog/Lope

                                                         Hunt Seat on the Flat                                 Walk/Trot Supported


                                                        Hunt Seat Equitation Under Saddle                Walk/Trot Supported

                                                        Hunt Seat on the Flat                                  Walk/Trot Independent

                                                        Hunt Seat Equitation Under Saddle                Walk/Trot Independent


                                                       Hunt Seat Equitation on Flat                          Walk/Trot/Canter

                                                       Hunt Seat Equitation Under Saddle                  Walk/Trot/Canter

After Showmanship                       Trail Course (All levels) At Will         (Trail Arena)

Conclusion of AQHA/NSBA                   Trail Awards in Brown Lipton Room North

After Awards                                   Schooling – Center riders practice (Main & Trail Arenas) – EMT on site

                                                                (except for scheduled drill team times beginning at conclusion of AQHA show)

                                                                Drill Team practice at scheduled 15 min intervals – signup at Coach meeting

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


(Lunch Break)                                      1pm Madison Shambaugh

 5:30 – 7:30 am                                    Schooling (Main & Trail Arena) - EMT on site

7:30 – 8:30 am                                    Opening Ceremonies practice (Main Arena)

8:30 am                                               Opening Ceremonies (Main Arena)

                                                           Fort Worth Mounted Patrol

After Opening Ceremonies      Trail Course – CS, CI, BS    At will (Trail Arena)

 After Opening Ceremonies      Veteran’s Class “Heroes on Heroes” CS(2), CS(1), CI, BS(2), BS(1), BI, A (Main                                                                                   Arena)

 After Veteran’s Class               English Equitation  - CS(3), A, BS(3), CI, CS(2), BI, CS(1), BS(2), BS(1)                                                                                               (Main Arena)

                                                (Eng Eq & Western Eq awards given at end of each class)

                                                Western Equitation – CS(3), A, BS(3), CI, CS(2), BI, CS(1), BS(2), BS(1)                                                                                               (Main Arena)

After Western Eq                     Drill Team (Main Arena)

 Conclusion of Drill Team         Awards in the Brown Lipton Room North - Drill Team, & Working Trail -CS, CI, & BS, English                                                             Equitation and Western Equitation-CS, CI, BS, BI, A, Trail Awards for Veterans 

                                                Estimated End time 7:00pm

 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm                  Schooling: Center riders may practice (Main and Trail Arena)

                                                EMT on site


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

 (Lunch Break                           Announced mid morning)

Art Contest Winner, Carrot Awards and Chisholm Challenge Champions Centers Announced over lunch break

 5:00 am – 8:00 am                   Schooling (Main and Trail Arena) – EMT on site

8:30am                                     Driving Classes

Conclusion of Driving classes     Trail Course Opens – BI, A     At Will- Trail Arena

                                                Showmanship – Wheelchair, Level 1, Level 1S, Level 2, Level 2S, Level 3, Level 3s, Level 4, Level                                                       4S,  Level 5, Level 5S – Main Arena

 After Arena Grooming             Western Riding-Entire Arena

and teardown

After Western Riding               Barrels – CI, BI, A – Entire arena

After Barrels                            Pole Bending – CI, BI, A – Entire arena

Conclusion of Show                Awards in the Brown Lipton Room North for Trail A & BI, Barrels, Pole Bending, Western Riding, High                                                     Point Awards   Estimated end time 3:00pm

                                                Clean up; Check out